Print Mounting

Print Mounting

Having taken your picture you will want to present it to show it at its best, In this short step by step article I will take you through the stages of successfully creating a mount in which to display your picture.

STAGE 1; (Cutting the mount)

1; Purchase a suitable colour mounting board from a good art supply shop or
stationary shop, this should be one that will complement the colours within your

2; Measure the dimensions of your picture accurately and write these down.

3; Take your mounting board and place it face down on a suitable material that will
allow you to cut the board without damaging the surface being used to cut the
board on. You can purchase a self healing cutting mat from Art shops for this
purpose but these do tend to be rather expensive, a good alternative is a piece of
MDF board available from DIY stores.

4; Taking your mounting board mark a straight line across the board on the back
approximately 50mm down from one edge and 50mm in from one side.
Note! These line must be straight as this is where you are going to mark the
dimensions of your picture from,

5; Take your picture dimensions and subtract 2mm from the vertical and horizontal
dimensions, (this allows for the finished mount to just cover the edges of your
image) and then transfer these measurements onto the back of the board.
Note! If you are using a bevel edge cutter with a guide such as the LOGAN this step can be
Omitted as when you set these cutters up ready to cut the board they will allow for this
Reduction in size.

6; Having marked the print area out on the back of the mount you now need to take
a straight edge and place it along one of the lines, and then taking a sharp craft
Knife or a Stanley knife carefully cut through the board along the line taking care
not to go past the ends and only just go into the corners. Repeat for the other
three Sides until you can remove the area of the board that you have just cut

7; Turn the board the correct way round an place it over your picture, you should
find that the window that you have cut out just covers the edges of your picture.

8; The final stage is to cut the mount to size, measure from the remaining edge of
the cut out 50mm and cut the board down, This now gives you a mount with three
Equal sides. However the base of the board still needs to be cut and as a general
Rule the base of the mount is best cut so it is approximately 2 -3 times the width
of the edges (so for edges of 50mm as we have used here the base of the mount
would be 100mm - 150mm wide. Once this is completed you are now ready to
assemble your picture and mount.

STAGE 2; (Assemble Of The Picture and Mount)

9; Obtain a piece of card slightly larger than the cut out of the mount, any card will
do as this is just going to act as a support for your picture.

10; The next stage is to take your picture and apply an adhesive to the back of the
Print, it is best here to use a photo mount adhesive available from craft shops and
good stationers as some adhesives can effect printing papers. Make sure this is
carried out in a well ventilated room as the spray mount adhesives do give of

11; Having applied the adhesive stick your print down on the card and smooth down
working from the centre of the print out towards the edges so as to avoid any
creases developing.

12; Having done this take your mount and apply a little adhesive to the back around
The edges of the cut out and then lay your mount over your print and press down
Firmly. The card that you used to stick your picture on should now be bonded to
your mount, however to finish it off neatly turn the whole mount over and
around the edges of the card that your picture is stuck to apply some adhesive
Tape such as Selotape or as I prefer to use Masking tape thus creating a nice neat
finished edge around the card.

Congratulations you have now just successfully mounted your picture ready to display to all your friends and family direct, or if you prefer placed in a commercial frame to be hung on your wall.