£70.00In this section I offer a series of Illustrated lectures based on wildlife subjects along with the Photographic Techniques used to capture the images, the aim of which is to enhance the knowledge and skill level of the viewer / photographer

Each Lecture lasts for approximately 2hrs and is tailored to meet the requirements of the individual group and are suitable for both novice photographers and the more advanced photographer who is looking to develop their skill into this area of photography

Some of the Illustrated lectures are also suitable for Non photographers and where this is the case I have indicated below the brief descriptions given for each lecture

All my lectures are delivered using Digital Media and are approximately 2hr in duration. However if you require a reduced time period then this can be accommodated if indicated at the time of booking.

Due to current restrictions all talks can be delivered on line via Zoom and will last approx 90 Mins. The cost of this option is £50
Starting In Wildlife Photography; £70.00

In this lecture we will look at some of the equipment required and the different techniques which can be used to capture wildlife Images in the field. Using Images taken in the field I will explain how the image was captured and discuss the pros & cons of the final image being shown and give the viewer tips on how to take similar images.

Wild Britain; £70.00

This Lecture looks at some of the wildlife that can be seen around the british Isles throughout the year. It is also designed to give the viewer more Information about the subjects being shown and some of the issues facing them in the modern world in which they live.

suitable for non Photographers

A Norwegian Experience; £70.00

In this Talk we will travel to Norway a country of Culture, History, and the Aurora Borealis. We start our journey in the capital of Oslo and look at some of the cultural aspects of the city before progressing on to experience some of the historical elements which can also be found there. Having explored Oslo we will then travel North crossing the arctic circle on way and stopping to look at some of the bird life that can be found there, before finally experiencing the celestial wonder of the Northern Lights.

suitable for non photographers

Costa Rica A World of Nature. £70.00

This talk will take the audience on a journey into the rainforests of Costa Rica, exploring some of the diverse habitats that can be found and the animals that Live in them. We will visit three areas of Costa Rica firstly the Caribbean side, Then the Central Area, and finish on the Paciffic coast, each offering a different climate and different species. Finally we will look at some of the threats facing our rainforests today and look at what we can do to help

Suitable for non photographers

For The Love Of Nature £70.00

In this talk I will show how my photography has developed from the early days of taking images for competitions through to the present day using photography as a learning tool. The talk is split into two halves, the first half will cover the early stages of my photography and throughout the talk I will show a range Images and different subjects and will also discuss how the images were taken and the techniques used in capturing them with the audience.
Following the break I will explore how you can add interest to your natural history images to make them stand out and how you can use your photography to educate and to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Suitable for non photographers

The Four Seasons (A wildlife Photographers Year) £70.00

In this talk I will take the viewer on a journey through the seasons looking at some of the British wildlife that can be found throughout the four seasons. I will also provide guidance for those wanting to know more about the camera techniques used for each of the images shown and discuss the subject in more detail. The talk is delivered using a combination of Digital media and mounted prints together with some natural history items that the viewers are encouraged to handle. The last part of the talk is inter-active and will cover some of the issues facing our wildlife today together with the conservation methods that are being used by organisations and also what individuals can do to help. Before finishing on the effects of climate change on our seasons and wildlife.

Suitable for non photographers

Meet The Locals £70.00

In this talk I will show images taken on my local patch over the lockdown periods and discuss some of the issues they face along with giving the viewer information on the images themselves.
Our local areas are often places that get overlook as we will travel further afield in search of wildlife, however throughout the enforced lockdowns and the restricted exercising periods a positive did emerge for me as it did force me to explore local areas more and to gain local knowledge of the species that were present. These areas provided us with much needed relief as well as stimulating our minds but also showed just how important these areas are to the local communities and should be protected for future generations to enjoy. I hope through this talk and my Images to also encourage you to explore your local areas more to discover what is on your doorstep.

Suitable for non photographers

From Cave to Prison & Back £70.00

This talk is split into two parts and takes the viewer on a journey to the West Country and back via Cheddar, Cornwall, and Dartmoor. During the first half of the talk I will show a selection of images from Cheddar and Cornwall and talk about the various subjects being shown and answer any technical questions that the viewers may have, I will also tell some of the stories and myths associated with the areas that are being visited and suggest the best times to visit and what can be expected to be seen around the local areas. In the second half I will bring us back to Cheddar stopping off at Princetown and the notorious Dartmoor Prison and talk about the history of the Prison and some of its famous inmates before ending up back in Cheddar and visiting two of the local Wildlife reserves and showing Images of some of the wildlife that can be found on them.

Suitable for non photographers

Taking Better Wildlife Pictures. £70.00

In this talk I will show and discuss some of the methods and techniques that I use when capturing my wildlife images, I will also discuss equipment settings and lens focal lengths that have been used and found to be succesful. As well as showing and talking about my Images I will also discus some of the planning that is required and any fieldcraft methods that have been used to achieve the final image. During the presentation I also encourage the audience to ask questions and to get involved during any practical demonstrations if they so wish to. Finally I will finish with a brief session on the Legal requirements whilst taking wildlife images so that the photographer can stay within the law and does not leave themselves open to possible legal action.

Please contact me to check for available dates. Tel; 077651 31588